Laundromat Kanazawaya Coin Laundry kenroku in Kanazawa, Ishikawakanazawaya coin laundry

Self-service Laundromat in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Open 24 hours 7days a week At All Of Our Locations!
kanazawaya Coin Laundry has 4 convenient kanazawa area laundromat locations with free Wi-Fi and a variety of payment options.
One of Kanazawaya Coin Laundry,kenroku has friendly staff(only9:00am-12:00pm), the best equipment in the region, and is both clean and comfortable! Our fully attended laundromat is different than any other you have encountered. That means 100% complete satisfaction is guaranteed! Come experience amazing today!

  1. Helpful Attendants(9:00am-12:00pm)
  2. Cleanest Laundromat
  3. Free Wi-Fi
  4. 24 Hour Security Surveillance
  5. Fully Air Conditioned
  6. accept credit cards

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Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

Are laundromat washing machines clean?
Laundromat washing machines are routinely cleaned. And also you can run drum clean of washing machines for free.
Do I bring my own detergent to the laundromat?
We provide the detergent for you so you no longer have to worry about bringing one.
※ Our washing machines has a detergent and softening agent automatic injection functions。
Do I have to stay at the laundromat?
No, you do not have to stay at the laundromat while your clothes are being washed. If you need assistance, our staff can help you as well. Just remember that you can come and go as you please.
How long does it take to wash clothes at the laundromat?
It depends on how many washes you plan to do, how dirty your clothes are, and our machines can wash and dry clothes in less than an hour to more than 50 minutes.
Do you accept credit cards?
We are happy to take all major credit cards for our service, so you don't have to worry about carrying any cash or coins!

Kanazawaya Coin Laundry kenroku
Adress 3-15 Kenroku Motomachi kanazawa ishikawa 920-0931
OPEN OPEN 24hours seven days a week